attack of sea swallowsgaucho at workGuitar bluesexpressive  and strong-voiced   great  jokergrand  openingemigrantsonly for touristsyoung boy of Colca valley - Peru - near Arequipayoung girl of a school dance group - Peru - Cuzcoold 	bearer on Inca-trail (64 years)simple millingold woman from Chivey (Colca Valley)breakfast for twohe is about eighty years olda little show for tourists on floating islands - lake titicacaour 	captain on titicaca seaspinning man - tititaca seataste cactus fruitwoman of Colca Valleystreet vendor - Cusco - Perusales booth in 4900mself-confident womana little smilekiteflyingIf you take a photograph, you should be cool!**to look upconcentrationrole-playingSusanne Werth, WASTELAND GREEN, Acoustic SongsJrgen KerthLouisiana Reddrummernext generationraining sunshineTime is only an illusion (Einstein) acrobatsblipsfire acrobatartificerartificertake a walkfish drawingwith meticulousnessseller of piscesattention please!field workBulgaria 1978RedeJazzentrcktder Fotograf und seine Models
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